Brand Sabbath

Influence marketing

Social ecosystem

A social ecosystem through which Internet creators: bloggers, vloggers and startup owners build a unique network where they share and monetize their marketing potential. The platform allows to exchange ideas and spread users recognizability. Brand Sabbath also gives a chance to take part in marketing campaigns for which users are rewarded. It is the first network for internet creators to enable increase of their reach and monetize their online activity from the first day, thanks to its transparent and fully automated trading platform. The action is measured by innovative tracking codes, and then converted into earnings that are sent to virtual bloggers in real time. It provides them with comfort, security and motivation to create high quality content and high advertising potential.

Transparent trading platform

For companies, Brand Sabbath is an innovative tool that allows them to transfer their adverts to blogosphere and vlogosphere, which have finally become measurable in terms of their sales effectiveness. Through effective influencer recommendation systems firms can effectively promote their services. Brand Sabbath campaigns are always coherent and natural: authors themselves are responsible for the communication so that they are effective and they always target their organically gathered audience. Unlike other tools, Brand Sabbath does not focus solely on network stars, but rather on big groups of less-known authors. By implementing campaigns on Brand Sabbath, we simultaneously create a kind of ecosystem – a proactive community that works around a given theme or brand that brings together target users, who identify themselves with the given brand.
The company panel (under construction) will enable the client to automatically plan and manage the campaign. The platform in the upcoming version is also supposed to offer convenient navigation through the search engine and, above all, to choose preferred bloggers for their cooperation relying on the most demanded criteria.

Search engine for bloggers

For blog readers, this is the first search engine to find interesting content using chosen categories and hashtags.

Business Model

Brand Sabbath’s Business Model is based on transaction fee for each executed campaign.



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