we pay ERC users!


The world’s first application that pays its users. We started off with the idea that time is the most precious resource of each human being, yet control over it they unconsciously yield to others. How to make time work for the benefit of each human being?
Thanks to Eracoin mobile app, the user gets discounts based on an algorithm that calculates Eracoins (points) from the time since the application is installed and taking product’s price into account offers discounts for the selected goods. In addition, the application allows users to acquire additional EraCoins by interacting with other users and taking part in implemented gamification mechanisms. In order to acquire EraCoins, user neither needs Internet connection, nor to actively use the app (it works in the background).
For producers and distributors, EraCoin is a platform that allows to optimize their advertising expenses. The Web application enables a company to create an in-app account and display its products. In addition, companies decide how big the discount will be, what will be in stock and what will be the cost of shipping. With EraCoin, brand owners can easily reach their fans/customers directly, and on the EraCoin platform, they offer products without having to use distributors and resellers. The provision is used to reward their customers with discounts.
Depending on the product, the EraCoin transaction fee varies between 5 and 50% of the profit generated by traded goods.
We operate on Android supported by a web service.
Eracoin token – Eracoin ICO is currently being prepared.



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