The Ahoy

TheAhoy is a sales and marketing platform that allows to build a social ecosystem for individual customers (people, brands, or businesses), in line with their communication strategy. The platform helps to create or increase brand awareness and to develop sales channels in order to reach the target audience. The Ahoy is an example of a complex IT system that, from the user’s point of view, presents itself as a single, coherent and well-communicated whole. The heart of the service is a dedicated PHP based framework (The Ahoy engine), which implements generic mechanisms for handling key business objects such as user, product, order, payment.

The multi-week engine tests resulted in full optimalization and adaptation to business requirements, where high-quality presentation of the content, regardless the browser or end-user system, plays an important role. When designing payment and settlement mechanisms, the goal was to simplify tasks on the part of those, who use the service on a daily basis. The commissioning mechanism, complete customer support, and API Stripes integration for credit card payments are only few of the solutions available in The Ahoy platform. The Ahoy also provides a special application for the Android platform, which through The Ahoy API communicates directly with the service and presents the content on the user’s phone.


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