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We are a publicly-traded software development company with a strong focus towards start-ups, marketing, and digital design.
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The tech company your mother warned you about.

At BitEvil, we've combined the holy power of design with the skill and tenacity integral to a growing software house. For maniac entrepreneurs looking to turn their ideas into something awesome, Bit Evil is here to help lead you on your journey. Join us. Ready for the ride?

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Breathtaking designs with the user-in-mind.

Functionality and looks go hand-in-hand. After more than a decade of work, we know a well-designed product is predicated on a great, addicting user-experience.

The team makes all the difference.

Great ideas can only become reality when matched with the right people. That's why we dedicated the majority of our resources to supporting an outstanding team capable of creative, efficient, beautiful, and design-driven development.

Blockchain is the future.

Simply put, blockchain is becoming the fastest and most secure way to perform payment/reward behaviour in the global marketplace. With a broad spectrum of experience, our team has built novel crypto-oriented apps as well as a unique token systems.

Custom made tools make it easier to achieve your goals.

Having the right set of tools is one of the most important aspects of product development. Today, we work closely with companies to build and design the best tools to achieve their goals!

We live for the challenge.

Speaking from experience, we know building a great start-up takes more than an idea. It is a hard and difficult journey, and can be soul-crushing at times. We're ready to do battle, face these challenges, and work with you every step of the way.
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Our friends and family

Eracoin reinvents the way you explore internet marketing. Disrupting the traditional approach to digital advertising, our app incentivises and rewards users for engaging businesses and vendors through the Eracoin app.
Concept, Design, Development
Brand Sabbath
The ultimate influencer manager. Its dynamic, state of the art mapping allows Brand Sabbath to match your ultimate marketing goals with a perfectly targeted audience.
Concept, Design, Development
Code Addict
From addicting mobile apps to beautiful web design, Code Addict is our sister brand in all areas of software development. You name it, they've done it.
Software House
Too Hot Dog
Call us crazy but a hi-end, exclusive, super-cool social network for developers is something we feel the market is extremely hungry for. And lucky for you, we're the first ones' on the dance floor.
Concept, Design
Are you looking for investment or brand recognition? Give us a shout and we'll see if you're a good fit for the Bit Evil family.
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Sebastian "Big Dawg" Golinski

Young, plus-size, design-junkie and goal-oriented Apple fanboy.

His entrance into the start-up scene started at the young, tender age of 21. A professionally trained guitarist, love guru, and graphic designer, Sebastian founded Code Addict Software with the purpose of applying his talents to something that will actually make him money. After delivering dozens of successful apps, games, and websites through his start-up, Sebastian's quality and success-driven approach led to the establishment of an outstanding development team and a trusted client base consisting of US and European-based ad-tech and fin-tech start-ups.
Kamil "Stanley" Stanek

Brand-junkie, short-tempered, soup-lover, destroyer of worlds.

As a graduate of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and the Faculty of New Media Art, Stanley knows a thing or two about what it takes to create a successful brand. With a passion for FinTech and AdTech, he started his career in the IT sector by creating his own business - BitEvil. Specializing in unconventional projects in the field of high technology, BitEvil quickly spawned numerous profit-generating brands and has made Stanley the most successful member of his family. In his former life, Stanley was a professional skateboarder and semi-professional snowboarder. Today, he's a strong believer in the "Do not grow up, it's a trap" philosophy and is always finding ways to avoid developing into an emotionally and physically mature adult.
Maria "Mary" Belka

Also Brand-junkie, Overly-merciful, Mother of Dragons & Tech

As a co-founder and supervisory board member for Bit Evil, Maria Belka has more than decade of experience in creating AdTech and working with technology start-ups. Specializing in strategy planning and project management, she founded her first start-up in 2011. In 2017, she was listed as one of NewEurope's 100 and was twice elected to the curator of the Global Shapers Warsaw Hub - an initiative of the World Economic Forum. Today, she is a member of the Board of BlockChain TechCongress and recently co-founded Mentors 4 Starters Foundation. Maria is one the highest-educated members of Bit Evil, with degrees from the University of Geneva and University of Birmingham. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Warsaw School of Econonomics.


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